Protect Your Investments with Reliable Environmental Testing

ETC offers high-quality and comprehensive environmental testing and consulting, including lead-based paint inspections, lead risk assessments, and lead clearance examinations. With over 20 certified lead inspectors, ETC offers you peace of mind by keeping your facility safe, toxin-free, and legally compliant.

Why do I need regular lead testing?

Rental compliance guidelines for Detroit landlords require regular lead testing within all facilities before renting to tenants. Without a Lead Clearance, a rental property cannot obtain a Certificate of Compliance and Rental Registration from the City, and these regulations come with hefty fines and fees if ignored or overlooked

These guidelines require landlords to have both a lead inspection and a risk assessment performed to identify the presence of any lead hazards in a building. If any toxins are identified, State Law requires that Interim Controls and/or Abatement be used to control these hazards, and only then can owners conduct a clearance inspection and receive a Lead Clearance.

What happens if I do not comply to these Lead Ordinance requirements?

Without proper lead clearance, owners can be fined anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on the size of their rental unit and the number of tenants or offenses. Additionally, these violations can be evaluated daily until owners are within compliance, and therefore fines themselves can accumulate over time.

Besides violating Detroit City Code by renting to tenants with lead hazards in their rental unit, landlords are also criminally liable if a minor displays elevated blood lead levels within a rental unit that a landlord knew to contain lead hazards.

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