The Benefits of Getting Environmental Test Results FAST

We know that keeping your home, building, or business safe and toxin-free is a priority, and environmental testing is the first step to identifying potential environmental concerns and addressing them quickly. We also know that receiving environmental test results in a timely manner is crucial to the safety of both you and the occupants of the buildings you own or manage.

Whether you are scheduling a routine building inspection or testing based on abnormal environmental changes you’ve witnessed, how promptly you receive your test results determines how quickly you can address the problem at hand. For many occupants suffering from poor air quality or environmental toxins, health concerns can deteriorate the longer the problem goes without being addressed. Allergic reactions, coughing, skin irritation, and cold symptoms are all common side effects of interacting with toxins such as mold or asbestos, while exposure to more harmful toxins such as lead can lead to more serious conditions including neurologic and behavioral changes. Receiving environmental testing results as quickly as possible allows you to identify the existence of these environmental hazards before health problems arise or deteriorate.

Additionally, receiving fast environmental testing results can also be cost-effective in the long run. If you’re a recent buyer or are planning to start a new renovation project, it’s crucial that you conduct environmental testing to determine the state of your building prior to coming into contact with any potentially hazardous material. Being informed as quickly as possible about what hazards exist and to what extent allows you to make educated and informed decisions regarding the management and maintenance of these environmental concerns. Identifying these problems from the onset keeps you and any workers safe from harm, while also saving you costs down the road associated with deteriorating environmental concerns or the spread of harmful toxins.

Whether you are a residential, commercial, or rental property owner, a government agency, or a private contractor, environmental testing is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of you and those you work with. Receiving accurate and informative environmental testing results quickly is the best way to promote healthy conditions and cost-effective practices


ETC offers accurate and cost-effective environmental consulting, industrial hygiene, laboratory analysis, and training services. To meet the needs of customers that need quick environmental testing, ETC offers its Remediation Rush. This service provides same-day scheduling and test results in a simple and easy-to-read abbreviated report. Contact us to learn more at

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