The Organization
The Army National Guard (ARNG) requires environmental services like lead dust sampling due to its unique infrastructure and operational history.
The Problem

Many ARNG armories, especially those with historical firing ranges, have been exposed to lead contamination. Over time, as these facilities age and repurpose, ensuring the safety and health of the staff, families, and visitors becomes paramount.

The Solution

Regular environmental assessments, like the one conducted by ETC, are crucial for maintaining compliance with health and safety standards, and for protecting against potential lead exposure risks inherent in these historical military facilities.

Scope of work

The Army National Guard (ARNG) is deeply engaged in a crucial project, spanning from 2022 through 2029, to tackle lead exposure risks in its armories across the Western and Southeastern U.S. This project is pivotal for compliance with Department of Defense regulations and standards. Focusing not only on armories with historical firing ranges but also on general lead paint hazards, ARNG is committed to safeguarding the health of its personnel and visitors, ensuring that these historical facilities meet the highest safety benchmarks. Their proactive approach, completing assessments ahead of schedule, reflects their dedication to environmental health and operational readiness.

ETC's Role:

The work done by ETC in the ARNG armories involved comprehensive lead dust sampling to assess and ensure the safety of these historically contaminated sites. Their efforts included collaborating with state representatives, conducting thorough sampling in various armory locations, analyzing lead levels, and comparing these results against ARNG hazard standards. ETC also identified and reported any discrepancies between existing ARNG records and actual site conditions. This detailed and methodical approach was crucial in verifying the cleanliness and safety of the armories for ARNG staff and their families.

Results and Impact

ETC coordinated and completed lead dust sampling in Army National Guard armories across the Western and Southeastern United States. The project involved annual lead testing to ensure the armories, historically contaminated with or without firing ranges, were properly cleaned for the safety of ARNG staff and visitors. This included coordinating with state contacts, conducting on-site lead dust sampling, analyzing samples for lead levels, comparing these to ARNG hazard levels, identifying discrepancies, and producing detailed reports for each armory.

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