The Organization

Fort Carson, a pivotal U.S. Army post in Colorado, is home to multiple military divisions and units, underscoring its strategic importance and the necessity of maintaining its structural integrity.

The Problem

Persistent concerns about water intrusion and potential mold due to design flaws in various buildings, especially regarding the weatherproofing of fascia and soffits.

The Solution

ETC conducted comprehensive mold investigations, identifying water intrusion points, assessing building conditions, and proposing effective remediation strategies to resolve these critical issues.

Scope of work

The Army National Guard (ARNG) is deeply engaged in a crucial project, spanning from 2022 through 2029, to tackle lead exposure risks in its armories across the Western and Southeastern U.S. This project is pivotal for compliance with Department of Defense regulations and standards. Focusing not only on armories with historical firing ranges but also on general lead paint hazards, ARNG is committed to safeguarding the health of its personnel and visitors, ensuring that these historical facilities meet the highest safety benchmarks. Their proactive approach, completing assessments ahead of schedule, reflects their dedication to environmental health and operational readiness.

ETC's Role:

ETC's assignment at Fort Carson encompassed a meticulous mold investigation across three buildings identified for potential water intrusion and mold concerns. The scope of work included:

  • A thorough evaluation of the building's exterior and interior, focusing on the weatherproofing aspects of fascia and soffits.
  • Detailed observation of current conditions to pinpoint potential water intrusion points.
  • Conducting mold sampling in various areas within each building to assess the extent of mold presence.
  • Compiling a comprehensive report that included observations, current conditions, and potential water-related issues, along with suggested methods for remediation to address and resolve the identified problems.

This structured approach was designed to provide Fort Carson with clear insights and actionable solutions for the water intrusion and mold issues in multiple key buildings.

Results and Impact

ETC's detailed report provided Fort Carson with a clear understanding of the existing conditions and the necessary steps for remediation. This enabled the base to take proactive measures to rectify the issues, thereby enhancing the structural health and safety of the buildings. The impact of this project went beyond just addressing immediate concerns; it played a crucial role in ensuring the long-term integrity and operational readiness of Fort Carson, a key military installation. This initiative not only safeguarded the base's infrastructure but also ensured a healthier environment for the personnel stationed there.

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