Partnering with ETC for water quality testing means ensuring compliance with GSA leases. Trust our 35-year legacy in environmental expertise.

Full Service Water Testing Solutions

From Sampling to Consulting: ETC's Comprehensive Water Testing Support Every Step of the Way

Site Investigation

ETC offers expert consultation services to help determine the number of water sources requiring testing, ensuring your full compliance with water quality standards and regulations. Our team is led by highly qualified professionals, boasting years of experience in potable water sampling and with all relevant certifications. We meticulously document the specific outlets tested, providing detailed insights into each.

Water Sampling

ETC's Water Sampling Team specializes in analyzing potable water for harmful substances such as lead, copper, Legionella, and total coliforms. With their extensive training and expertise, they ensure accurate sampling to comply with regulatory standards, maintaining the integrity and quality of each sample.

Water Testing

ETC's rigorous testing methods ensure precise detection of contaminants in potable water. For lead and copper, we use the reliable EPA Method 200.8, guaranteeing accurate analysis of these heavy metals. Total Coliform is detected using Testing Method 1010.4, a trusted approach for identifying bacterial presence. For Legionella, we employ Testing Method 1015.6, a specialized procedure for this specific bacterium.


ETC's consulting services are tailored to guide clients through compliance with GSA leasing standards. Our team offers expert recommendations on remediation measures based on your specific water testing results. We ensure you understand the necessary steps to maintain water safety and regulatory adherence, providing a clear path to compliance.

Meet GSA Standards with ETC’s ASSE 12080 Certified Experts

ETC's team is ASSE 12080 certified, a mandatory qualification for the scope of work required by the GSA for Legionella risk assessment and water testing. This certification is not just a mark of expertise, but a necessary credential to ensure your compliance with GSA mandates, guaranteeing that our services meet the highest standards required for your water safety needs.

water sampling

Time is of the essence!

GSA lease compliance requires prompt action, especially given the short window for testing after receiving notice. Legionella results alone take two weeks, so don't delay. Contact ETC now to share your site details. We'll be ready to act immediately when you receive your compliance notice, ensuring you meet deadlines without stress. Prepare now with ETC and stay ahead in your compliance journey.


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