The Organization

The United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) at Kings Point, NY, renowned for its intensive academic program and real-world sea training, shapes future leaders in maritime and military service.

The Problem

The historic USMMA campus faced environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety compliance challenges, needing updated asbestos surveys, lead paint evaluations, and mold investigations to align with federal regulations.

The Solution

ETC provided comprehensive services including environmental hazard assessments, SOP development, and staff training, ensuring that USMMA met and maintained federal compliance while safeguarding the health and safety of its campus community.

Scope of Work

The United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) faced significant environmental and safety compliance challenges, rooted in the need for updated infrastructure assessments and adherence to strict federal standards. ETC’s scope of work encompassed a broad spectrum of tasks to address these challenges. This included updating asbestos surveys to current norms, conducting building envelope reviews and mold investigations to identify structural and health risks, and performing comprehensive lead paint surveys. The effort extended to identifying and resolving any environmental hazards through meticulous coordination and on-site management of abatement and remediation processes.

ETC's Role:

ETC played a pivotal role in steering USMMA towards full regulatory compliance and enhanced safety. Their expertise was instrumental in not only detecting and assessing the extent of environmental issues but also in effectively managing their resolution. ETC developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures for managing key environmental concerns, ensuring a proactive approach to campus safety. Additionally, they provided critical training to USMMA staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to maintain compliance and manage environmental risks effectively. Their comprehensive approach not only addressed immediate compliance needs but also laid the groundwork for sustained environmental stewardship at the academy.

Results and Impact

ETC's comprehensive work at USMMA significantly enhanced the campus's environmental and safety compliance. Their detailed assessments led to effective management of health hazards, and the implementation of SOPs improved ongoing safety practices. Additionally, the training provided to the staff has cultivated a stronger safety culture, ensuring a healthier, more secure environment for the entire USMMA community.

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