Staying Up-to-Date on Certifications for Environmental Inspectors

Environmental inspectors are responsible for ensuring that clients’ residential, commercial, or rental properties are in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. These are often complex and ever-evolving regulations, making it crucial that environmental inspectors stay up-to-date on certifications to remain knowledgeable in order to provide the best service to clients and customers. However, there are numerous other reasons that being conscious about certifications can be greatly beneficial to environmental inspectors:

Current Certification Attracts More Clients

Whether you are independently certified, or work for a company, up-to-date environmental certifications are a stamp of approval for potential clients. Maintaining certifications encourages clients to trust your expertise and the results that you find during inspections. Alternatively, not being fully certified leads to distrust that you’ll be knowledgeable enough on regulations or experienced enough to provide quality services.


As an environmental inspector, you care about your work and want to provide high-quality service to your clients and customers. Even with years of experience, it’s only natural to need certification refreshers to remain competent and proficient at the work you do. Maintaining certification makes sure you have the most current knowledge of how to collect data, which environmental recommendations to give, and how to stay in compliance with regulations.

Advance Your Career

It’s becoming increasingly common to become certified as an environmental inspector. However, continuing your education and becoming certified in other areas can give you a step up in your career field. For example, if you are currently certified as an asbestos inspector, putting in the work to become trained as an asbestos abatement contractor or supervisor gives you more experience and knowledge that you can use to advance in your field.

Equipped to Meet Challenges

In your line of work as an environmental inspector, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into challenging cases where you’re unsure of how to proceed. Maintaining certifications ensures that you not only are fully knowledgeable and informed, but also that you’re equipped to meet any difficult challenges that you may encounter on-site. These certifications guarantee your confidence and give you the proficiency to problem-solve easier than if you had not refreshed your certifications.

Maintaining certifications is absolutely crucial for environmental inspectors, and doing so directly benefits inspectors and clients alike. Furthering your education is as simple as finding an accredited training provider, such as Environmental Testing & Consulting, and registering for the training packages you need most.

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