Lead Training

Choose Safety and Expertise: Partner with Our Trusted Lead Training Professionals


Pre-Paid Guarantee

Please note that only students who pre-pay at the time of registering for a class are guaranteed a seat. All unpaid registered students are subject to being bumped from the course by a student that pre-pays at the time of their registration. This policy does not apply to anyone registered by their employer that will be invoiced for the employees’ attendance.

Why learn with us?

ETC Training is widely recognized as a local industry leader  due to our comprehensive approach to worker safety and health. Our training programs are designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely handle lead and minimize the risk of hazardous material exposure in the workplace.

ETC's training staff  highly experienced and knowledgeable in safety, and they use innovative and engaging training methods to help students understand the hazards they may encounter in the workplace.  We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and guidelines related to lead safety, ensuring that their training programs are always in compliance with industry standards. As a result of their dedication to worker safety and health, ETC   is widely regarded as a top choice for safety training.