Environmental Testing for Compliance

Environmental testing is not only an asset to any building owner, but actually a legal requirement. First and foremost, it saves lives. Identifying and eradicating potential hazards leads to a higher quality of life for building occupants and can decrease the risks of deadly health concerns significantly. This is the primary reason that so many regulations exist to ensure that environmental toxins are controlled. As a building owner or manager, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your building remains in compliance.

Some of the most common environmental concerns can be mold, lead, or asbestos. Exposure to these toxins can lead to serious health problems such as lung disease or even cancer. While sometimes these toxins can be visible to the naked eye, such as black mold growth, that is not always the case.

Many regulations exist to ensure that buildings remain free of these types of hazards. For example, state law in Michigan requires that Lead Inspection Risk Assessments (LIRA) be conducted regularly at certain properties and, if risk is identified, those properties must pass a Lead Clearance Examination within 6 months of the initial inspection. Similarly, commercial real estate properties are expected to be assessed before, during, and after a purchase to ensure they are environmentally safe and is considered due diligence.

Environmental testing regulations go beyond occupant safety and are also required in work environments and on worksites to ensure employees can perform their respective tasks without fear of encountering dangerous hazards. Risk assessments determine the level of environmental risk, and an experienced consultant also notifies what precautions or solutions are needed. For example, if an inspection determines the existence of hazardous building materials on a construction site, employees are then required to utilize proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Staying in compliance with environmental regulations supports not only building occupants, but also the company or employer itself. Failing to comply with these standards can lead to substantial fines depending on the severity of the violation. In addition, if environmental standards are ignored and an individual is later determined to have a health condition in response to exposure to environmental concerns, a full investigation is conducted, potentially leading to hefty legal fees.

However, environmental testing doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task, and should instead be seen as a safety net for individuals and companies. By utilizing trusted and experienced environmental consultants and services, you can maintain peace of mind that your building or worksite remains safe and healthy.

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