OSHA Material Specific Non-Friable Removal Course

Those who successfully complete this course will be qualified to remove certain types of non-friable asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

This certification satisfies the OSHA Asbestos in Construction Standard for specific types of Class II removal, while allowing flooring and roofing contractors to legally avoid requirements to become full asbestos abatement contractors; however, the training requires adherence to very specific removal techniques, cleaning methods, and documentation practices. The course topics include: historical uses of asbestos, health effects, material-specific asbestos removal methods, cleaning up after asbestos projects, personnel protective equipment & respirator use, waste disposal, and job documentation for OSHA compliance. The course is eight (8) hours for workers performing labor, with an additional OSHA requirement for a licensed asbestos abatement supervisor present onsite to oversee and document the project. All asbestos certifications must be renewed annually. Please Note: This one-day certification does not qualify an individual or company to remove any friable ACM, such as asbestos-containing insulation, pipe materials, drywall compound, or popcorn ceilings, or to remove any ACM using methods that will render the material non-intact (sanding, grinding, scarifying). While this class will allow employees to remove one specific non-friable material without being licensed, they must still follow applicable asbestos removal and disposal techniques to remain in proper compliance with OSHA standards.


Course Length

8 Hours

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