AHERA Asbestos Operations & Maintenance (O&M) / OSHA Class III Certification Course

This course is designed to allow in-house workers (employed directly by the building owner for custodial or maintenance work) to perform minor asbestos removal operations as part of a required maintenance operation.

The course is similar to the asbestos worker course but focuses on glove bag removal of small amounts of material (> 3 linear feet) for operational needs only. The course topics include: historic uses of asbestos, health effects, asbestos glove bag removal, cleaning up after asbestos projects, personnel protective equipment (PPE), emergency response procedures, and waste disposal. Includes course certification exam; all asbestos certifications must be renewed annually.

Please Note: As per Michigan Public Act 135, outside contractors may not take this course for the purpose of removing asbestos in buildings where they work, or to avoid becoming a licensed asbestos supervisor or contractor.


Course Length

16, Hours

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Course Audience
Course Dates

January 21-22 2021 – MI – Online, March 29 2021 – MI – Online



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